KW Technology

Whether you are a tech novice or a tech guru, KW’s unique approach to technology will give you a clear advantage over the competition.

As a Realtor, there are always new skills to learn, but your life is often unpredictable, making regular classes untenable. KW Connect is a brilliant solution to this problem–a collection of award-winning, on-demand video training programs that are available online to KW associates. Since they are developed by KW’s most talented leaders, they are amazingly insightful. Since they are online, you can view them on your schedule from anywhere in the world.

KW is the only national brokerage in the U.S. that offers a complete end-to-end web-based solution for managing prospects, clients, and transactions online. Every KW member receives a unique website that captures leads, automates follow-up procedures, and ensures visibility on leading search engines. Considered one of the greatest achievements in real estate technological history, eEdge is available exclusively to KW agents.

Staying connected in the Digital Age takes more than a reliable voicemail system. KW makes it easy to stay connected with broadband wi-fi connections and convenient call-forwarding systems, which allow you to receive calls at your office, home, cell phone, and/or VOIP-enabled computer. State-of-the-Art Facilities

KW offers the most sophisticated and technically robust work environments in the industry. Complete with top-notch training rooms, agent computer work stations, high-speed internet connections, and high-definition displays throughout the office, you will always have the tools you need to dazzle your clients and power your business.

All of the technology in the world can’t help you if you don’t know how to use it. KW works hard to empower its agents to become masters of the technologies that power their business, providing specialized training programs, connecting younger agents with agent leaders, and making expert advisors available on a regular basis.

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